Whenever you make use of this product, do not forget to read the safety instructions. Always be cautious while using this solution. Contact with this solution to any of your sensitive parts may cause irritation. If this happens, clean the affected part properly under splashing water. If the condition does not get better; visit your nearby clinic or hospital promptly for immediate medical assistance.

PK 58 Solution

We are available with this product at cost-effective prices. We have been working in this business for an extended period of time and now understand the needs and requirements of the people. We provide our customers with the same they expect from our agency. This product can be used to clean all types of money cleaning purposes. No matter whether your paper currency is stained or black coated; use of this solution will help you clean them all at one go. In a matter of time, you will be able to see your currency clean and fresh.

PK58 solution has turned into an essential section of the finance industry because this industry regularly arrives in a requirement for a solution that can enable them to clean their stained and defaced banknotes. Once can proficiently clean all the impurities from the paper money and reuse that money for various purposes. At our agency, we set up this solution utilizing multiple items, for example, de-icing solutions, freezing agents, and Vectrol paste. We never miss any details while manufacturing this solution. You can completely trust our agency in terms of getting quality money cleaning agent within a short period of time.


We are a dedicated and leading agency dealing with PK 58 solution worldwide. With each product, we provide our customers with a manual guide that has instructions related to the proper use of the product. Likewise, with each PK 58 solution bottle; we give a manual guide that can be followed while cleaning your currency. This solution can clean USD, AUD, Euro, GBP, Pound, and many other currencies efficiently and effectively. 
Your chance to clean your defaced money is here! Meet us today and buy your intended money cleaning agent. Use of it will help you in using your money once again for further transactions.