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Best Auto Currency Cleaning Machine for SALE/RENT

Ali SSD Global Lab Dubai has accomplished pushing the envelope a step further by using the most sophisticated Ali laser technology and combining the S.S.D. chemical solution together in order to clean defaced bank notes (black stained bills) at super high speeds for the sake of removing an entire black stained bank note in less than half of a second. The days of washing black notes by hand (which usually takes roughly about 4 minutes a note) is now a thing of the past!

Our universal auto currency cleaning machines are the latest of our inventions from our machine production department for all individuals (and companies as well) in possession of all sorts of defaced black notes (for private and secret operations) without the help of any experts or technicians around.

We have also successfully redesigned the invention of  creating a smaller, much lighter auto cleaning machine for the sole purpose of making the entire experience of washing bills like a walk in the park.

Our trademarked Auto Currency cleaning machine is very portable and it can be easily moved and can effortlessly transport from one country to the other without having any noticeable up-rises by any international check point should you ever face the dilemma of not being able to successfully get it shipped to you discreetly. No worries from our end- we guarantee this.

After placing your order and receiving our machine it will come with a detailed (but very straight forward) hand manual which will direct you on how to operate its functions entirely. It uses no gas and only operates from pure direct current. It cleans from any amount, no matter what currency or age of bank note- even if it’s up to 25 years in age. Pretty amazing if you ask us.

As it being our newly designed model, it will easily clean all black notes (whether it be local or international black notes).

Don’t want to purchase our machine at full cost and prefer just renting it out?

No problem. We will rent out our highly sophisticated universal auto cleaning machine if you happen to also be a technician (or just being a new coming client) who may find it a bit difficult to clean large amounts of blackened bank notes. One hand washes the other in this case- literally.

We can either clean it for you (at a great price) or you can simply rent out our cleaning machine to see for your very self how everything happens behind closed doors. Our clients do provide us with black notes and make use of the necessary chemicals and materials in our machine production department to complete the cleaning work process. You only pay after the work is well done.

This is an extremely profitable method that will escalate your bank note cleaning business and take it to the skies. So why not rent or buy from us today?

Ali SSD Global Lab Dubai Call / Whatsapp: +971529687074 / +917303442764


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