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Ali SSD Global Lab Dubai, We do have the latest Negatives bills from the United Nations as an aid to NGO’S, etc. We have negatives for the following currency for sale

1, Dollars

2, Pounds

3, Euro.

We do have these notes for sale at a very good rate from our trusted source from the UN, also available are chemicals to clean all the notes after a registration fee is paid to us and an agreement that only we must do the cleaning of your notes.

We do sell at the following rates:

1, Dollars: 100 Dollar = 15 Dollar

2, Pounds: 50 Pounds = 5 Pounds

3, Euro: 100 Euro = 20 Euro

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All our notes are sold after testing and proven its originality.

The minimum order is one million (1,000,000) of any currency we have mentioned above

We will require a registration fee of a $5000 flat rate after you purchase the negative notes.

We will sell you the exact SSD chemical solution to clean the notes which is $75,000 and you will require two litters to clean all your 1 million.

The notes are 100% assured and our chemicals are also 100% effective to clean the notes.

Our notes source is from the United Nations and is been sold out because they are trying to provide aids to help individuals to pick up their business stands back as this COVID 19 has brought down many economies.

Kindly contact Dr. Ali by call/ whatsapp on +971559696293 / +971588658419

Skype: alihemicalsolution


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